Palau's Best Underwater Photos


PALAU 2014

Below is what we consider to be our 50 best underwater photos from our 3 months here in Palau.
From over 9000 underwater photos, it’s a hard choice.
After all what actually constituents a “Best Of”.

Whilst we have some great photos, some are taken of common Fish or Corals and we possibly have similar photos from other countries, so they were not included. What we were looking for was unique photos from hard to photograph or uncommon fish and invertebrates. Possibly something new for us that we haven’t seen before.

We hope you enjoy them from our new Nikon DSLR camera systems and are happy to say that a good percentage of them were taken by Lisa so it was, and will continue to be, an underwater photography team effort.

They are in no particular order – but we had to put the Crocodile first!!






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