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This is the route we took for our Sailing Adventure on board Lorelei.
We travelled to 22 countries and Lorelei travelled a distance of 
more than 31 500nm (over 59 000km)
The distance around the equator is 21 600nm (or 40 075km)

This is the route we took for our travels as we took at break from Lorelei & Sailing and traveled though 5 Countries at the end of 2015.

This is the route we took for our Road Trip as we traveled though
Outback Australia in 2016 while Lorelei was safely secured in a Darwin Marina.

We covered 8000km and 3 states spanning 3 blog posts.

Below is a list of our Destinations, Times and links to the Episode of our blog for that area.

2011 Episode 1: Brisbane to Cairns
Oct – Nov: The Start of our journey and heading north on our “Shakedown Cruise” up the East Coast of Australia.
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2011 Episode 2: Cairns to Port Douglas
Nov: An awesome time with Paul’s dad George and family friend Keith onboard sailing from Cairns to Port Douglas and exploring the Low Isles.
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2011 Episode 3: Port Douglas to Lizards Island and Back
Nov - Dec: George and Keith onboard and exploring Port Douglas and The Ribbon Reefs
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2011/12 Episode 4: Port Douglas to Whitsundays
Dec - Jan: Sailing South and spent quality time with lorelei’s original owners and builders Rolfe and Kathy onboard their yacht Patriot
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2012 Episode 5: Whitsundays to The Keppel Islands
Jan-Feb: Time with friends Rod & Mel and family on Heartbeat 2. Also Mick & Lucy in Whitsundays. Great times in Percy Islands and Bunker Group.
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2012 Episode 6: The Keppel Islands to Moreton Bay
Feb - Mar: Cape Capricorn, Lady Musgrave, Fraser Island with Heartbeat 2 and Mark & Meg on Grace. Moreton Bay with Danny & Carol on Sentinel.
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2012 Episode 7: Moreton  Bay and The Rivergate Engine Refit
Mar - May: Time on Moreton Bay with the Baddiley’s and The Rivergate Refit for Lorelei which included a new main Engine in Lorelei.
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2012 Episode 8: Brisbane to New Caledonia
May - June: The Crossing from Brisbane to New Caledonia and Exploring Noumea and the Festival De La Music.
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2012 Episode 9: New Caledonia SW and Isle of Pines
June - July: Exploring SW New Cal and Isle of Pines. Surfing, Diving, Spearfishing, MTB.
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2012 Episode 10: New Caledonia West Coast
July - Aug: Exploring New Cal’s West Coast. Time with John and Jenny Sharkface and Ben and Wendy  Just Magic. Surf, Dive, Spearfishing, MTB.
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2012 Episode 11: New Caledonia Top End and East Coast
July - Aug: New Cal’s Top End and East Side. Great times with Ben & Wendy. Culture, Land treks, Caves, stunning bays, freshwater swim holes.
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2012 Episode 12: Loyalty Islands and Southern Vanuatu
Aug - Oct: Ben and Wendy. Mare in Loyalty Islands. Aneityum & Mystery Island, Tanna & Volcano, Erramango and onto Port Vila. Activities Galore.
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2012 Episode 13: Central & Northern Vanuatu
Oct - Nov: Exploring the Northern Vanuatu Islands. Efate, Epi, Malekula & Espiritu, Santo. Diving President Coolidge and USS Tucker Shipwrecks.
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2012/13 Episode 14: Kiribati
Nov – Jan : Crossing the Equator, Exploring the Capital Betio, Tarawa. Abaing Atoll for New Year’s Eve, Spearfishing, MTB, Culture and Kiting.
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2013 Episode 15: Marshall Islands
Jan - March : Exploring Majuro the Capitol. Aussie Day. Anemonet. Maloelap and Wotje Atolls. Lots of new friends. Diving and superb Kiting.
Our 2nd most visited blog post with over 900 views.
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2013 Episode 16: Kosrae, Micronesia
March - April : Exploring Kosrae. Fantastic new friends. Kayaking, Surfing, Waterfall Walks, Diving, Spearing, etc…
Our 3nd most popular Blog Post with over 800 views
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2013 Episode 17: Solomon Islands Part 1
April - May : Exploring Gizo and Surrounding areas. Kolombangarra Is. Sue and Rogan off Moea Moea. Surfing, Spearing and Lots of Diving.
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2013 Episode 18: Solomon Islands Part 2
June - July : George and Chez onboard then Rowan and Kirsty onboard. Explored Gizo, Kolombangarra, Vona Vona Lagoon and Munda. Diving.
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2013 Episode 19: Solomon Islands Part 3
July - August : Munda, Rendova, Nono Lagoon, Marovo Lagoon, Uepi Island. Kiting, Spearfishing, Surfing and a load of fantastic diving.
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2013 Episode 20: Solomon Islands Part 4 and onto Micronesia
August - Oct : Marovo Lagoon, Kula Gulf, Gizo. WW2 tours, caves, shark feeds, Toa Maru Shipwreck. Amazing diving!! Nukumanu Atoll (PNG).
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2013 Episode 21: Kosrae, Micronesia
Oct – Nov: Exploring Kosrae. Catching up with friends. SUP, Kayaking, Surfing, Lisa B’Day, Waterfall Walks, Diving, Spearing, MTB. Sharkface.
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2013/14 Episode 22: Pohnpei, Micronesia
Nov - Feb: Exploring Pohnpei and Ant Atoll. Amazing Surf. Christmas & New Year’s.  Kayak & SUP. Nan Madol Ruins. Lots of friends. Diving.
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2014 Episode 23: Outer Atolls and Yap
Feb - March: Sailing through outer atolls to Yap. Losap and Woleai Atoll Stops. 
Yap Day 2014 Celebrations.
Walks, Stone Money, eating out and many new friends. Amazing Diving with Manta Rays and Mandarin Fish. Surf & SUP.
By far our most visited blog post. Well over 1200 views and averaging over 35 a week!!
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2014 Episode 24: Palau Part 1
April: Sailing to Palau. Exploring Koror. Kayaking, Surfing & SUP. Amazing Diving on Wrecks, Caves and Reef.
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2014 Episode 25: Palau Part 2
April: Having Loren onboard. Exploring Southern Rock Islands. Kayaking, Snorkelling & SUP. Jellyfish Lake, Diving German Channel & Blue Corner.
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2014 Episode 26: Palau Part 3
April - May: Exploring Southern Rock Islands and Diving areas such as Blue Corner,
German Channel and Ulong Channel. Land tours in Palau and Peleliu

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2014 Episode 27: Palau Part 4
May-June: Exploring the Southern Rck Islands and Diving outer Ulong areas,
Siaes Tunnel and Corner, WW2 wrecks, etc.. all with cat Downtime.

Land based trips to the nations capital and northern islands. Wakeboarding.
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2014 Episode 28: The Philippines - Mindanao Part 1
July-August: The crossing from Palau to The Philippines. Exploring Samal Island and
Davao City, Lisa in NSW Australia and the start of an 8 week refit on Lorelei.

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2014 Episode 29: The Philippines - Mindanao Part 2
August - Sept: Lisa in QLD, Australia. Second Half ofLorelei Refit.
The Annual Kadayawan Festival in Davao City. MTB and exploring.
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2014 Episode 30: Davao, The Philippines to Sangihe, Northern Indonesia
Sept - Oct: Exploring the Mindanao Coastline, Fun times in the Southern
Philippine Islands, Exploring and diving in Sangihe - Northern Indonesia.

2014 Episode 31: Northern Indonesia - Sangihe to Bitung
Oct-Nov: Exploring the Islands from Sangihe to Bitung. Diving Wrecks,
Underwater Volcanos, Muck, Wide and Lava Flows - Amazing.

Climbed Volcanos and lots of exploring. Survived a big UW earthquake.
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2014 Episode 32: Northern Indonesia - The Lembeh Straights

Nov-Dec: Exploring Bitung and the Lembeh Straights. Diving the worlds best
macro/muck diving and a lot of underwater macro photography.

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2015 Episode 33: Northern Indonesia - Halmahera to Northern Raja Ampat 

Dec-Jan: Sailing Bitung to Halmahera. Exploring and surfing east and west Coast 
and surrounding Islands. Christmas and New Years Eve Fireworks. Exploring
and diving Northern Raja Ampat.

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2015 Episode 34: West Papua - Central Raja Ampat
Feb: Exploring the area of Central Raja Ampat.
Exploring Sorong. Bird of Paradise  and Pearl Farm Tours, Amazing Rock Islands,
Coral and Mangrove Passes and Amazing Diving.
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2015 Episode 35: West Papua - Southern Raja Ampat and Ambon
March: Exploring the area of Southern Raja Ampat and onto Ambon
Exploring Misool, Great Diving and Kayaking, Jellyfish lake and Bluewater Mangroves.
Sail to Ambon and surrounding Islands. Brilliant Muck Diving in Ambon.

 2015 Episode 36: Timor Leste

April: Sail from Ambon to Timor Leste.
Exploring Dili the Capitol. Diving, Museums, Mountain Biking.
Sailing from Dili to Kupang Indonesia.
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 2015 Episode 37: SE Indonesia - Kupang to Rote
May: Clearing back into Indonesia
Exploring Kupang, Caves Monkeys and the cities attractions.
Freind Matt from Micronesia arrives. Sail to Rote. Surfing, Diving, Spearing,
Kiting and Motor Bike Tours.
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 2015 Episode 38: SE Indonesia - Rote to Kupang
June: Surfing at Nembrala, Rote Island.
Exploring Rote Island and Surrounding Islands.
Diving, Spearfishing, Surfing and Motor Bike Tours.
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 2015 Episode 39: Indonesia - Eastern Nusa Tenggara
July: Transiting Kupang to Alor
Diving Alor with Dive Alor on Charter and Muck Diving also.
Mountain Tribes Tour. Exploring Eastern Nusa Tenggara.
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 2015 Episode 40: Indonesia - Central Nusa Tenggara
August: Friend Nathan Evans Onboard.
Exploring the Komodo National Park, Komodo Dragons, Superb Diving, Hiking and Exploring. Onto South Sumbawa for Surfing breaks suk as Lakeys, Periscopes, etc.
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2015 Episode 41: Indonesia - Bali and Lombok Part 1
September: Transiting Lombok to Bali
Surfing Southern Lombok, Exploring Nusa Lembongan and Diving.
Exploring Bali with land tours to Ubud and Uluwatu. Sanur and Kite Festival
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2015 Episode 42: Indonesia - Bali and Lombok Part 2
October: Transiting Bali to the Gili Islands
Surfing Bali, Diving Nusa Lembongan, Bali Land Tours to Northern Bali.
Traveling to Amed and Gili Islands. Diving Gili Islands.
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2015 Episode 43: Java and Thailand
November: Diving Tulamben and Leaving Bali
Exploring Suarabaya, Java and onto Thailand. Visit friends David and Maddie in Chaing Mai. Elephants, Temples, Rafting. Bike Tours, Food, Exploring....
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2015 Episode 44: Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand
December: Exploring Singapore, Malaysia and QLD Australia
Theme Parks, Changi POW Museum, Night laser shows and festivals.
Fly to Queensland Australia to visit Paul's mum's property in Rural QLD.
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2016 Episode 45: NSW and Indonesia
December/January: Visiting family and friends in Sydney and on the
NSW Central Coast. Boat trips, Wildlife, Christmas and New Years Eve.

Returning to Lorelei in Bali and preparing for cruising in 2016
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2016 Episode 46: Bali to Sumba
January/February: Sailing from Bali to Lombok. Exploring the Gili Islands and Komodo National Park. Great walks and big Komodo Dragons. Onto Sumba. 
Fantastic Surf at Miller Rights and then onto the main city of Waingapu.
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2016 Episode 47: Sumba Indonesia to Darwin Australia
February/March: Exploring Sumba. Sailing Sumba to Kupung.

Sailing Kupung to Darwin. Australia and Exploring Darwin.
Extensive refit on Lorelei.

2016 Episode 48: Darwin and The Road Trip Part 1 - NSW
March/April: Exploring Darwin and finishing Lorelei's refit.

Fly Darwin to Sydney and the start of our road trip exploring NSW.
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2016 Episode 49: The Road Trip Part 2 - SA to Southern NT

May: Road Trip from Silverton NSW, through South Australia and onto soutern Northern Territory. Extensive exploring of Outback Australia.

2016 Episode 50: The Road Trip Part 3 - Northern Territory
May/June: Exploring Outback Australia from Alice Springs to Darwin.
Lots of walks, isolated swimming holes, waterfalls and off road adventures.
Cover Nitmiluk and Kakadu National Parks.
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2016 Episode 51: The Kimberley Part 1 - Darwin to Broome
June/July Exploring the Remote NW coast of Western Australia known as "The Kimberley".
Lots of sailing, exploring the areas rivers, creeks, bays, capes and inlets.
Fishing, walking, climbing, boat trips and stunning landscapes.
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2016 Episode 52: The Kimberley Part 2 - Broome back to Darwin
August/September Exploring the Remote NW coast of Western Australia known as "The Kimberley".
A Slower return trip sightseeing with extensive fishing and searching for Aboriginal Rock Art & Boab Trees to Photograph.
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2016 Episode 53: Darwin to Gove
October. Exploring the Remote to End of the NT known as Arnhem Land.
Exploring Darwin, Fishing the Cobourg Peninsula and Exploring Gove/Nhulunbuy.
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2016 Episode 54: Gove to Lizard Island
November-December. Crossing the Gulf of Carpentaria.
Exploring Cape York and the Remote Tip of Australia.
Sailing south to Lizard Island. Exploring, Diving, Fishing and Kiteboarding.
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2017 Episode 55: Lizard Island to The Whitsunday Islands
December 2016 - January 2017. Scuba Diving the Ribbon Reefs.
Exploring Port Douglas, Cairns and The Whitsunday Islands.
Sailing south, Kayaking, SUP, Kayak Spearfishing, Hiking, Hiding from the Rain....
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2017 Episode 56: The Whitsunday Islands
February 2017
Exploring The Whitsunday Islands with Paul's parents George and Chez on board.
Snorkelling, Walks, SUP and 2 trips to the Great barrier Reef.
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2017 Episode 57: The Whitsunday Islands to Mackay
March 2017
Exploring The Whitsunday Islands and racing to Mackay to shelter from Tropical Cyclone Debbie.
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2017 Episode 58: Mackay to The Keppel Islands
April/May 2017
Returning to The Whitsundays post Cyclone Debbie, transiting south and exploring the central QLD islands. Riding out terrible weather in Island Head Creek. 
Finishing in The Keppel Islands.
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2017 Episode 59: The Keppel Islands to Hervey Bay
May/June 2017
Some great weather to explore The Keppel Islands.
Sail to Lady Musgrave Island on the Barrier Reef for some amazing diving, spearfishing and kite boarding.
Onto Hervey Bay for fishing, exploring Fraser Island and catching up with friends.
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2017 Episode 60: Fraser Island and Rural QLD
June/July 2017
A month break from sailing as we have a family 4WD  holiday on Fraser Island.
Exploring all the popular areas of the island by 4WD and some fishing.
Paul visiting his parents farm in Rural QLD.
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2017 Episode 61: Hervey Bay and The Great Sandy Straights
July/August 2017
Hervey Bay - Whale Watching and Exploring Fraser Island's Platypus Bay coastline.
The Great Sandy Straights - Fishing for Whiting, Exploring Islands, Creeks and Fraser Island's Inner Coastline, Kiteboarding and catching up with friends with fantastic weather for the whole month!
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2017 Episode 62: Bunker Group and The Swains Reefs Part 1
September/October 2017
Visiting Lady Musgrave, Spearfishing and swimming with Whales.
Onto the remote Swains Reefs - Scuba Diving, Spearfishing, Kayak, SUP and exploring.
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2017 Episode 63: The Swains Reefs Part 2
October/November 2017
Exploring the central and northern Swains Reefs.
A lot of Scuba Diving, Spearfishing, Kayak, SUP and exploring sand cays.
A final wrap up of how we managed the Swains and Maps.

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